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Capsule filling-2

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Capsule filling-2

Capsule filling-2

Product Parameters

Product Name Capsule filling-2
Item No. 06-cap-0-1
Supply Type Sell
Category Food,Beverages > Food,Beverage Processing Equipment > Capsule Filling

Detailed Product Description

Capsule filling powder
1. Adopt Taiwan factory semi-automatic capsule filling machine, with frequency converter, can accurately control the feeding screw speed.
2. The capsule filling weight deviation is 10 capsules with an average weight of ± 5%.
3. The factory only provides capsule filling of No. 0, and No. 0 capsule can meet the needs of most products.
4. Since the volume of the contents of the capsule is fixed, the filling weight of the contents of the capsule will vary depending on the density of the powder. Due to the different powder density, the filling amount ranges from 350mg to 600mg.
5. The powder can be filled into gelatin capsules (general capsules), vegetable capsules and plant acid resistant capsules.
6. Health food powder characteristics are different from Western medicine. Most of them are vegetable extract powders. Generally, the powder has poor fluidity or is sticky. In addition, consumers do not like too much artificial additives in health foods. Generally, semi-automatic capsule filling machines can be used to fill the powder. Into the capsule
7. The granulation device can be used to granulate the fine powder into granule powder, which helps to increase the powder density and filling fluidity.
8. Daily production capacity: 100,000 tablets
9. Filled capsules can be used in bottles, PTP sheets or in aluminum foil to maintain the stability of the product quality in the capsule.

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