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Carry bag-5

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Carry bag-5

Carry bag-5

Product Parameters

Product Name Carry bag-5
Item No. 03-35-100-1
Supply Type Sell
Category Chemical > Daily Chemical > Deep Conditioning Hair

Detailed Product Description

Powder granules filled into the paper aluminum foil carry-on items
1. Adopt Japan TOPACK and palm-type vertical filling and packaging machine. After the horizontal seal is sealed and then moderately cooled, the carry-on bag can be cut. Due to the thick thickness of the paper aluminum foil, the pressure of the heat sealing bar can be adjusted to be stable and tightly and the cutter pressure can be appropriately increased to perform cutting. The use of the palm-type heat sealer can avoid the rolling pinhole of the aluminum foil when the conventional roller is heat-sealed, which is easy to cause deterioration of the product.
2. The carry-on bag is made of single-light white leather aluminum foil or copper foil aluminum foil. A width of 35mm is the most common carry-on size, and a length of 100mm is the most common size. The paper aluminum foil carry-on bag is thicker than the aluminum foil, so the appearance is not easy to wrinkle, and the printing effect is excellent.
3. Paper aluminum foil can be randomly peeled off the aluminum foil, which is comparable to the magic easy to tear packaging material. This package can be designed for products with high quality requirements, such as print exquisiteness and environmental protection concepts.
4. Before using this package specification for mass production and filling, please provide 500g sample to test whether the machine can work normally.
5. The sample photo is 6μm paper aluminum foil. 18μm paper aluminum foil can also be used
6. Specifications 2.5g~3g/bag, paper aluminum foil carry-on finished product size 3.5x10cm
7. Daily production capacity: 30,000 bags


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