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Carry bag-2

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Carry bag-2

Carry bag-2

Product Parameters

Product Name Carry bag-2
Item No. 03-25-120-1
Supply Type Sell
Category Packaging,Paper > Packaging Bags > Carry Bag

Detailed Product Description

E1. Adopt Japan TOPACK combined palm type vertical filling and packaging machine, longitudinal sealing and sealing after completion of the horizontal sealing, and then cutting the aluminum foil package. The use of the palm-type heat sealer can avoid the rolling pinhole of the aluminum foil when the conventional roller is heat-sealed, which is easy to cause deterioration of the product.
2. The width of the carry-on bag is 25mm, which is the smallest carry-on bag size of the machine. The length of 120mm can be used to fill the product design concept that needs to be packaged to look slim.
3. Since the inner diameter of the feed pipe is small and the smoothness of the powder feed is poor, it is recommended to use granulated granular powder. It needs to be matched with a tapper that can adjust the tapping frequency and the tapping force. The dust collecting device in the feeding tube can prevent the powder from sticking and causing the aluminum foil to leak.
4. When encountering powder with poor fluidity, you can adjust the time difference of feeding, the pull-down speed of aluminum foil and the number of strokes or the speed of filling to help smooth the feeding.
5. The use of the extrusion venting device can reduce the proportion of air in the aluminum foil, and the oxygen content which has a great influence on the quality is reduced, thereby improving the product stability. The degree of extrusion can be adjusted as needed.
6. Before using this package specification for mass production filling, a sample of 500g must be provided to test whether the machine can be packaged.
7. The sample photo is 6μm aluminum foil.
8. Specifications 1g~2g/package, aluminum foil finished product size 2.5cmx12cm
9. Daily production capacity: 30,000 bags

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