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Aluminum foil bag-7

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Aluminum foil bag-7

Aluminum foil bag-7

Product Parameters

Product Name Aluminum foil bag-7
Item No. 02-80-100-1
Supply Type Sell
Category Chemical > Coating > Architectural Coating

Detailed Product Description

Essentials for filling powder pellets into aluminum foil bags
1. Adopt Japan TOPACK combined palm type vertical filling and packaging machine, longitudinal sealing and sealing after completion of the horizontal sealing, and then cutting the aluminum foil package.
2. This machine is equipped with a material tapping and cutting dust collector to reduce the adhesion of the powder to the aluminum foil and affect the sealing of the aluminum foil.
3. The factory has obtained ISO22000 and HACCP verification and is a professional powder filling factory. The controlled work area uses clean room compartments that meet food grade standards. The factory is planned to be a continuous production line, each producing only the same product, from powder sieving, fluid bed granulation, V-type mixing barrels, filling and packaging, etc., the same plant will not produce two different products at the same time, in positive pressure HEPA Under the circulation of circulating air, the relative humidity is controlled at 40±5%. The whole process is recorded by a continuous recordable electronic thermometer and hygrometer, which can maintain the dryness of the powder without the risk of cross-contamination. The aluminum foil package packed in the control area will be directly transported to the outer packaging area by the conveyor belt, and can be manually put into the box or into the bag to avoid deformation and damage of the aluminum foil caused by excessive accumulation of the aluminum foil, and affect the product quality. The quotation of the box part is also increased due to the volume of the aluminum foil package, and the operation is more energy-intensive, and the quotation is also increased by 20~30%.
4. Due to the increase in the amount of filling, the production speed of the machine is reduced, and the cost of handling materials is also increased. The quotation is 20% to 30% higher than that of ordinary aluminum foil filling.
5. The sample photo is aluminum foil 6μM, size 10~15G/bag, aluminum foil finished product size 8X10CM, width 8cm is the widest specification aluminum foil bag that can be produced by this machine.
6. Daily production capacity: 20,000 packs


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