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Water Based Clear Varnish

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Water Based Clear Varnish

Water Based Clear Varnish

Product Parameters

Product Name Water Based Clear Varnish
Item No. GRC-59
Supply Type Sell
Category Industrial Supplies Hardware > Industrial Parts > Insulation Varnish

Detailed Product Description

Product Description
  • GRC 59 is a very unique, low viscosity solventless dipping varnish for hermetic, general purpose motors and transformers.
  • Technically the product is an epoxy Emulsion in water. The unique Characteristic if this product that Differentiate it from solvent containing and Other water borne varnishes are as follows.
Features and Benefits
  • No regulated solvents
    Unlike other types of water borne or Soluble varnishes, GRC 59 does not need or utilize the use of any solvents to keep the resin in solution with the water carrier.
    This feature allows the user to avoid TITLEV Air pollution permitting and the need to Keep the varnish “in-balance”.
  • No pH concerns
    Tank maintenance with GRC 59 is not an issue. pH does not need to be tested or adjusted at any time. Behaviour or other water based epoxy and polyester varnishes can be erratic if neutralization is not maintained and controlled.
  • Tank Stability
    The catalyst system in GRC 59 does not require ionic neutralization. The combination of resins and surfactants that comprise the base polymer has allowed users of GRC 59 to enjoy a truly maintenance free, high performance varnish-in excess of one year without any replenishment.
  • Dripping/ Icicles
    GRC 59 is comprised of both medium and higher molecular weight epoxy resins.
    Once the liquid phase is exposed to the air, the water readily evaporates and the resin coalesces into a coherent film. The higher molecular weight resin does not allow the product to drip or run once coalescence occurs. No drainage stalactites are formed during the baking cycle ensuring a very clean finish both on the exterior of the lamination pack, copper end windings and he inner bore minimizing the need for post cure clean up.
Curing cycle
  • Cure for 4 hours at 149℃ or for 2 hours at 163℃
  • Cure schedule above is based on time after the unit reaches the specified temperature and are recommendations only
  • Elantas Malaysia GRC 59 are currently sold in 200 Kg drums.
Health & Safety
  • Refer to Elantas Malaysia Material Safety Data Sheet (SDS) for GRC 59.
Shelf life
  • This resin should be stored at below 25℃ in a dry controlled environment out of direct sunlight to pass a shelf life of twelve(12) months.


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