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Potting Compound For Electronic Components

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Potting Compound For Electronic Components

Potting Compound For Electronic Components

Product Parameters

Product Name Potting Compound For Electronic Components
Item No. 471-5LL
Supply Type Sell
Category Industrial Supplies Hardware > Industrial Parts > Insulating Compound

Detailed Product Description

Product Description
  • E 471-5LL FR Potting Part B and C 471-5LL Hardener Part A is a dual component, ambient cure epoxy resin system for potting, casting, and conformal coating applications.
  • The mixture has low viscosity for optimum flow and penetration of wound components. It cures with low exotherm in large bulk and is crack resistant producing a tough, resilient product with good thermal conductivity (rate of thermal transfer). The cure cycle can be accelerated by heat after allowing the material to gel first at room temperature.
  • Since it is 100% solids, no solvent fumes are present during the cure process whether at ambient or elevated temperatures.
Features and Benefits
  • Low stress, low exotherm cure
  • UL 94 V0 listed-2.9mm
  • Low shrinkage
  • Long pot life
Areas of Application
  • The preferred applications for E 471-5LL are via conventional potting / encapsulation application for units such as conventional electric motors, linear motors and transformers. Its excellent thermal cycling characteristic ensure service performance in applications requiring large bulk castings.
The following process is recommended for
conventional encapsulation:
  1. Pretreatment
    Ensure that all components are clean, dry and free from contaminants such as oil and fatty materials.
    E 471-5LL contains filler materials that tend to settle within certain limits and depending on the storage condition. Therefore, thorough agitation of the resin part is required prior to the mixing process itself.
  2. Application
    Mix E 471-5LL with C 471-5LL. The processing time of this epoxy casting compound at room temperature is limited, as for all cold-hardening systems, and will be influenced by the starting temperature of the components and the exothermic reaction process. These factors are, above all important for manual processing where care must be taken on the amount mixed.
  3. Curing
    Room temperature curing of this system occurs after 24-72 hours after pouring and will develop full properties after seven days. Alternatively the resin may be cured @ 80℃ for 4 hours after it has gelled. Room temperature cure is recommended for minimal stress on components. Note must be made that the reaction cure speed increases as the amount of mixed material increases.
  • Elantas Malaysia E 471-5LL resin & hardener are currently sold in a set mix ratio (by weight) of 6 kg & 0.9 kg (100:15) for ease of use.
  • Please note that this mix ratio must be adjusted if dosing through a meter mix dispenser or other measuring systems using volume.

Health & Safety

  • Refer to Elantas Malaysia Material Safety Data Sheet (SDS) for E 471-5LL and C 471-5LL

Shelf life

  • This resin should be stored at below 25℃ in a dry controlled environment out of direct sunlight. This material should be suitable for use stored under these conditions in the original sealed containers for twelve (12) months from the date of shipment.
  • Fail to store this product as recommended above may lead to deterioration in product performance and invalidate shelf life.


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