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Pet Supplement

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Pet Supplement

Pet Supplement

Product Parameters

Product Name Pet Supplement
Item No. Vital Gem (for immunity regulation)
Supply Type Sell
Category Health,Beauty > Bio-Technology Product > Pet Supplements

Detailed Product Description

Three-in-One Perfect Immunity Powerful Combination
Enhances immunity and cancer resistance and vitality 

Regulates immune system
Enhances vitality
Relieves inflammation
Lowers cholesterol

  • PAC-60 Patented Antrodia Cinnamomea
Approved through toxicity safety tests, no agricultural chemical residue, no heavy metal detected, and source of bacteria identified by the Food Industry Research and Development Institute, the quality is steady and safe. Patented oat extract soluble fibers with professionally extracted oat bran has the β-glucan content 9 times that of oatmeals and the calories are only one-tenth those of oatmeals. 
  • Functional ingredients 
Antrodia Cinnamomea:
Containing four major potent active ingredients, that is, triterpenoids, β-D-glucan, superoxide dismutase, and adenosine, it helps boost the immune function, protect the liver, and delay aging.
Rich in polysaccharides, mainly fucose, and highly bioactive, it effectively inhibits cancer cells, fights against tumor, improves inflammation, activates killer cells, regulates immunity, and increases physiological function. 
The (1,3)(1,4)-β-glucan structure effectively reduces cholesterol, prevents against cardiovascular disease, corrects constipation, boosts intestinal health, and works to lower the glycemic index, make one feel full, reduce obesity, and decrease the risk of diabetes. 
  • Indication 
Dogs and cats that are weak, with reduced immunity, and have malignancies to boost repairs. 
General dogs and cats as part of daily care.

Feed the capsules directly or mix the powder inside the capsule in food. 

This product contains Antrodia cinnamomea, which is known for its anti-coagulation action. Therefore, it is not advised to use the product in dogs or cats with coagulation disorders, before or after surgery, on chemotherapy, in menstruation, or with leukemia. 
Consult a professional veterinarian before using the product in dogs or cats that are pregnant or have special disease.
Keep in a place away from direct exposure to sunlight and high temperatures. Keep out of reach of children.

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