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Bottle Cap Torque Tester

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Bottle Cap Torque Tester

Bottle Cap Torque Tester

Product Parameters

Product Name Bottle Cap Torque Tester
Item No. TQ-1BN/TQ-2BN/TQ-5BN/TQ-10BN/TQ-20BN
Supply Type Sell
Category Industrial Supplies Hardware > Meter,Instrument > Force Gauge

Detailed Product Description

TQB series Torque Tester for Bottle Caps

TQB Series torque tester for bottle caps is a smart instrument designed for all kinds of testing for screwing force of caps. This tester is also suit for lamps. It is easy to cap on and largest diameter can be 200mm.

【Function and Feature】
  1. Peak-lock Timer. Set display time of peak value between 1-10 seconds.
  2. Comparison Function: Max and minimum deviation setting with red and green light indicators and alarms.
  3. Memory Function: Can store 10 sets of testing data with average result calculation.
  4. 3 Selections of Units: N-m, kgf-cm, lbf-in.
  5. Power saving function: Set auto power-off between 1-60 minutes.
  6. RS232C output. Able to connect to printers or computers for printing and analyzing with torque curves.
  7. Built-in Printer. Able to print torque curves or 10 sets of testing results.


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