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Hot Air Circulation Oven

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Hot Air Circulation Oven

Hot Air Circulation Oven

Product Parameters

Product Name Hot Air Circulation Oven
Item No. DO-30N/DO-45N/DO-60N/DK-30N/DK-45N/DK-50N/DH-400N/DH-600N
Supply Type Sell
Category Chemical > Chemical Equipment > Lab Oven

Detailed Product Description

Hot Air Circulation Oven

Baking, drying, tempering in electroplating, plastics, chemicals, food, printing, electronics, hardware, pharmaceuticals, roasted tea, etc.

【Function and Feature】
  1. Over-heated buzzer alarm feature.
  2. Temperature correction.
  3. Auto overheated shutdown feature.
  4. Heating power percentage adjustment.
  5. Heater shutdown timer.
  6. Precision temperature control.
  7. Operating panel bevel design, beautiful, convenient.
  8. Temperature Range: Room temperature+5°C~200°C, 300°C, 500°C.
  9. Material: Stainless steel inlet.
  10. Temperature Control: Digital LED PID control.
  11. Low noise, durable, accurate temperature precision, sharp looking appearance.
  12. Applicable: Research institutions, schools, factories, quality control, and laboratories etc.

  • Grid 2 pieces

  1. 30 series 25 x 25 cm Observation window.
  2. 45/60 series 28 x 28 cm Observation window.
  3. Multi-stage programmed control gauge.
  4. PID 2-time over heat protection.
  5. RS232/RS485 computer connection interface.
  6. Wheels.


  • Customizable. 
  • Photos are for references only.

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