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Biodegradable PLA Cutlery Pack

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Biodegradable PLA Cutlery Pack

Biodegradable PLA Cutlery Pack

Product Parameters

Product Name Biodegradable PLA Cutlery Pack
Supply Type Sell
Category Home Supplies > Tableware > Biodegradable Tableware

Detailed Product Description

Biodegradable PLA Cutlery Pack
  1. Material: PLA
  2. Heat- resistant: 85 ℃
  3. BPI、DIN CERTCO、JBPA  Biodegradable identification.
  4. Content: PLA nife、Spoon、Folk、Napkin
  5. Can be added salt & Pepper、wet tissue in.
  6. Color: Customized
  7. Origin: Taiwan
  8. Packing: PE bag, PLA bag, Carton
  9. Application: Food to go、Aviation cutlery、Disposable cutlery.

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