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Water Intercooler

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Water Intercooler

Water Intercooler

Product Parameters

Product Name Water Intercooler
Item No. TANK
Supply Type Sell
Category Industrial Supplies Hardware > Mechanical Parts > Intercooler Parts

Detailed Product Description

Max  Casting  ability  : 
  • L1030*W530*H1400mm
  • L1000*W650*H1145mm
MAX  Shell Molding Machine  :
  • KKB-550,600*950*300mm
An intercooler is an air-to-liquid heat exchange device used after compression process. An intercooler improves efficiency by increasing intake air charge density. Also, the decrease of the induction air heat offering more dense, which provides more air and fuel to be combusted per engine cycle.
  1. Products with high hardness and strength.
  2. Products can be welded onto other suppliers molds under same product features.
  3. By using sand core inserts, our products can be soldered in complex and hollow shape products.
  4. Aluminum alloy gravity casting process with high strength, temperature resistance and pressure tightness.
  5. We are able to manufacture castings in accordance with the specifications set by international quality standards. 
Major Material:
  • AC4A , AC4C , AC2B , AC4B , EN AC-47000 , A356 , A356.2 , etc.
We can also make the products in strict confirmity with your samples.
Inquiries are welcome.

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