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Polyacetal POM

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Polyacetal POM

Polyacetal POM

Product Parameters

Product Name Polyacetal POM
Item No. 4-3
Supply Type Sell
Category Chemical > Plastic,Plastic Product > POM Resin

Detailed Product Description

  1. Product: Polyplastics Acetal (POM) Plastic Resin
  2. Grade: DURACON M90、M270、M450
  3. Type: Pellet
  4. Description
    Since Polyacetal (POM) plastic resin is an engineering plastic material with very high crystallinity, it has superior abrasion resistance, creep resistance (a property of bearing very slow deformation due to long-term loading), fatigue resistance, and chemical resistance (resistant to almost all chemicals except for strong acid). However, it also has limitations in performance such as difficulties in adding flame retardancy (because of no aromatic structure such as a benzene ring in the macromolecule and high content of oxygen in the chemical composition), as well as difficulty in post-molding processing of the surface.
    Polyacetal (POM) plastic resin having characteristics as described above is used for automotive parts (abrasion-resistant sliding parts, fuel-related parts, and supporting structure, etc.), electric and electronic components, precision equipment (gears and sliding members, etc.), and plumbing parts, etc.
    As a chemical property unique to Polyacetal (POM) plastic resin, if the pyrolytic reaction of the repetitive oxymethylene groups in the polymeric chain starts from the chain end, it progresses in a chain reaction character, resulting in molecular weight decrease. In the case of copolymer type Polyacetal (POM) plastic resin, it has improved thermal stability compared to homopolymer type Polyacetal (POM) plastic resin because oxyethylene groups, co-monomer units, stop the pyrolytic chain reaction. On the other hand, however, its rigidity (elastic modulus) of the copolymer type is lower than that of the homopolymer type due to the flexibility of the oxyethylene units.
  5. Acetal (POM) plastic resin applications:
    plumbing, hardware, electronic parts, household, appliances, automotive parts, gears, bearing, zipper

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