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Glass Baby Food Storage Containers - 1

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Glass Baby Food Storage Containers - 1

Glass Baby Food Storage Containers - 1

Product Parameters

Product Name Glass Baby Food Storage Containers - 1
Item No. EA0006
Supply Type Sell
Category Home Supplies > Product for Baby > Baby Gift Box

Detailed Product Description

Brand: Double Love
Product Name: Economic Standards
Content: glass storage bottle 120mlX3+240mlX3+ pacifier ring x3

Material: bottle / borosilicate glass, heat resistant to 600 ° C
Sealing cap / PP + silicone gasket, heat resistant -20 ° C to 120 ° C
Pacifier ring / PP + silicone mouth, heat resistant -20 ° C to 120 ° C
Place of Origin: Taiwan

│Product Features│
- High-quality heat-resistant glass-Borosilicate heat-resistant temperature up to 600 °C, can withstand an instantaneous temperature difference of 150 °C.
- The bottle body is thickened, not easy to break, and the safety is even more.
- The raw material is acid and alkali resistant, and the appearance can keep the crystal bright and long.
- Ceramic non-toxic high temperature printing, scratch resistant and not easy to fade.
- Exclusively designed lock gel seal cap, 100% leak proof.
- Suitable for all kinds of heating methods: warm milk, water heating, microwave oven, electric cooker.

The standard caliber is the most basic item of the bottle. In addition to the slender shape, it is easy to buy. The related accessories are very easy to buy. With the glass bottle made in Taiwan, it is quite convenient for safety and use. The double-cap bottle gives the bottle more. More possibilities, not only the tool to feed breast milk, but also the container for storing breast milk or non-staple food. The whole parts can be separately disassembled and cleaned, and the dirt is dead.

│Clean method │
- Wash and disinfect with water or bottle-specific detergent before and after use.
- Use disinfection, steam sterilization, UV disinfection when disinfecting.
- When cleaning the sealing cap, please gently tap the opening toward the table to make the silicone gasket fall, wash it with water, and then put it back on the sealing cap.

│Precautions │
- Glass bottles are fragile materials, please avoid strong impact.
- Do not heat or freeze directly with fire to prevent damage.
- Children must be accompanied by parents.
※ Sealing the microwave may cause a burst, please remove the sealing cover ※

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