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Rice heavy metal Detector

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Rice heavy metal Detector

Rice heavy metal Detector

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Product Name Rice heavy metal Detector
Item No. 5-7
Supply Type Sell
Category Packaging,Paper > Adhesive Tape > Adhesive Sticker

Detailed Product Description

NX-100FA is a highly automated instrument after the success of NX-100 in the field of heavy metal detection in the grain industry. The NX-100FA is equipped with a robotic automatic sample introduction system that can perform unattended testing of up to 84 samples, completely freeing laboratory personnel from the complicated process of changing samples, realizing high precision and high efficiency! The NX-100FA adopts the principle of X-ray fluorescence spectrometry. The X-ray tube generates the original X-ray beam under the excitation of the CNC high-voltage power supply. This beam is cut and constrained by the carefully selected filter and optical path collimation system. X-rays with a specific spectral distribution are incident on the sample. The element under test in the sample is excited by high-energy X-rays to produce fluorescent X-rays with characteristic wavelengths, which are received by a high-performance FastSDD detector and processed by software to perform accurate quantification. It can complete heavy metal elemental (Cd), lead (Pb), arsenic (As), chromium (Cr), mercury (Hg), and beneficial elements in grains, rice, brown rice, wheat, corn, beans and other products. Rapid detection of selenium (Se); it can be applied to the storage, distribution and processing of grain and oil products such as grain storage, grain inspection stations, food processing enterprises and research institutes, adapting to the environmental conditions of the grain purchase site and ensuring the test results. Accurate and stable.


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