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Water leak detector

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Water leak detector

Water leak detector

Product Parameters

Product Name Water leak detector
Item No. 3-6-1
Supply Type Sell
Category Agriculture > Agricultural Chemical > Fungicide

Detailed Product Description

JT-5000 smart digital leak detector The advanced digital signal processing technology and digital filter circuit are applied to further improve the anti-interference performance of the instrument. One of the important features is that it can overcome the interference of environmental noise and accurately detect it, and accurately display it on the large screen LCD screen. The measurement parameters automatically distinguish between environmental noise and water leakage noise signals, allowing the operator to intuitively determine the water leak suspect. ● Spectrum analysis of common frequency ranges, showing the relative distribution of noise signals at each frequency. ● Automatically record (time-signal noise) curve, continuously monitor the noise signal, and provide a reliable analysis basis for the determination of the water leakage point. ● The pick-up sensor has a built-in signal amplifying circuit, and the pick-up mechanism adopts buffer isolation, which makes the direction of the pick-up more strong, and effectively reduces the noise interference caused by the ambient wind and the wire jitter on the pick-up sensor. ● With high-quality sensor materials and circuits, the clarity of listening is greatly improved. ● Different types of pick-up sensors are available for the operator to choose. ● The frequency covers all leaky noise ranges, and the frequency selection range of up to 31 band-pass filters meets the frequency selection of the leak detectors in various occasions. ● It can save multiple pieces of recording data in time, can record the live sound, and reproduce the scene at any time. ●The operating handle adopts high-reliability photoelectric type non-contact mute switch to prevent the occurrence of poor switch contact failure. ●The front end of the handle is concentrated, and the LCD screen and buttons are backlit. ●Using high-performance, large-capacity rechargeable lithium-ion battery, no memory effect; both wired charging and offline charging can be used, charging is convenient and fast. ● Large screen LCD display screen, large amount of information, high precision display of light bar, intuitive and clear operation interface, simple and convenient operation flow. ●Excellent circuit board design eliminates the pulsating interference noise generated by digital circuits that is difficult to overcome in similar instruments at home and abroad.


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