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PCB Manufacturing-4

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PCB Manufacturing-4

PCB Manufacturing-4

Product Parameters

Product Name PCB Manufacturing-4
Item No. 7-4
Supply Type Sell
Category Electronic,Electrical > Electronic Component > PCB Manufacturing

Detailed Product Description

  1. Single panel. Double panel. 4-38 layers. Up to 42 layers
  2. FR-408.FR-406.BT2000.r04003 ceramic plate (can also assist in finding special plates)
  3. Thickness 0.1mm-7.0mm
  4. Borehole drilling with a minimum aperture of 0.1mm
  5. Wire diameter. The line spacing is the smallest 2.5mil/2.5mil (including samples and mass production)
  6. Level 1/1mil
  7. Plate warp 1/1mil
  8. The thickness of gold plating is 30u.
  9. Blind buried hole minimum 0.15mm-0.2mm
  10. Impedance control +/- 5%
  11. Board surface treatment process - spray tin. Gold plating. Lead-free (bare copper. Chemical gold. Tin. Silver).
  12. OSP.TDR test. Computing software.
  13. Flying probe test.
  14. CNC measuring instrument
  15. The largest size can be made up to 680mm*460mm.
  16. The aspect ratio can be made 15 times. It can be 18 times.
  17. Resin ester. ink plug hole (via in pad unilateral 0.1mm)
  18. Non-toxic substances meet EU requirements. Third party reports are available
  19. Minimum copper foil thickness
  20. 0.375 oz copper weight
  21. Maximum copper foil thickness
  22. 10 oz copper weight
PCB board manufacturing delivery
(Depending on the product type, the number of days may vary)
Number of layers
2 Layer 4 working days 1 working day
4 Layer 5 working days 3 working days
6 Layer 6-7 working days 4 working days
8 Layer will vary depending on the number of days in the file
10-32 Layer
If there is impedance, you need to add one more working day.
The manufacturing flexibility of the circuit board is large, and the accurate quotation and delivery date are mainly based on the actual Gerber file evaluation.

PCBA delivery, only 26 years ago and on time!
The future will also maintain a fine tradition and continue to progress.

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