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FPC Board-2

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FPC Board-2

FPC Board-2

Product Parameters

Product Name FPC Board-2
Item No. 5-2
Supply Type Sell
Category Electronic,Electrical > Electronic Component > Circuit Board

Detailed Product Description

FPCB production process

Panel: Cut the copper foil substrate to the size required for each process.
Drilling: Invoking engineering-made drilling files to drill holes in substrates, cover films and auxiliary materials
Drilling copper plating: the drilled substrate is subjected to copper plating to make the upper and lower copper foils conductive.
Film lamination, development, etching, and stripping: the substrate with the dry film photoresist is sent to an ultraviolet exposure machine for exposure. The photoresist is polymerized after being irradiated with ultraviolet light in the transparent region of the film, and the image on the film is shifted. Go to the dry film photoresist on the board. After the protective film on the film surface is torn off, the unexposed area on the film surface is developed and removed, and the exposed copper foil is etched away to form a line. Finally, the dry film photoresist that has been retired is washed away.
Covering layer processing and pressing: attaching the cover film to the substrate to achieve the purpose of protecting the circuit, and heat-pressing the baked cover film to achieve good adhesion

Surface treatment: There are many ways to surface treatment, such as: nickel-plated gold, nickel-plated gold, OSP, etc., so that the exposed pad or circuit is surface treated, so as to achieve the effect of not easily oxidizing and increasing the service life.
Text printing: exterior processing, forming - using die cutting or laser cutting
Reinforced plate processing - Reinforced plate material types FR4, PI, SUS, Mylar, etc., reinforcing plate for the demand for parts, institutional requirements..

Inspection: Visual inspection, electrical testing and other inspection items according to product requirements.

This process sheet is a streamlined version, and many details of the process are not complained here.

Qunzhan also manufactures FPCB, please contact the sales staff for details.

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