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PCB Design-1

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PCB Design-1

PCB Design-1

Product Parameters

Product Name PCB Design-1
Item No. 4-1
Supply Type Sell
Category Electronic,Electrical > Electronic Component > PCB Design

Detailed Product Description

PCB Layout required data and workflow
One, provide a quote
The customer's product's normal nature, density and special needs will be assessed to customize the long-term quotation that is exclusive to the customer.

Two, required information
The following information is required before the official start of Layout:
  1. NetList circuit diagram (circuit diagram)
  2. 3Pin above parts of the data sheet
  3. PCB appearance, mechanism size chart (Dxf file)
  4. Layot Guide (Layout Notes, Requirements)

Three, part (placement)
After the above information is confirmed, the line DRC Check is correct, the parts specifications and placement requirements are confirmed with the customer, the parts will be placed, and the files will be delivered to the customer for confirmation after completion. If there is any problem, the changes will be made.

Four, officially started PCB Layout work
After the position of the parts is confirmed by the customer, the senior engineers of Group Layout begin to follow the Layout Guide requirements and experience to complete the work of drawing, copper, and text.

Five, closing the case
After the client confirms that the layout is correct, the DRC and the final check will be performed again, and the entire Gerber file will be produced and Cheak will be executed. After the file is sent, it will be Gerber out.

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