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White Washed Bamboo Flooring

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White Washed Bamboo Flooring

White Washed Bamboo Flooring

Product Parameters

Product Name White Washed Bamboo Flooring
Item No. 1-5,BV-001
Supply Type Sell
Category Construction > Floor > Bamboo Flooring

Detailed Product Description

Vertical bamboo flooring - White
BV series adopts bamboo side pressure flat cutting, solid bamboo flavor, elegant texture, fashion, special processing and coating technology to make the color uniform and more textured.

BV-001 white bamboo color is coated with high concentration and still retains its bamboo grain road and hairline strips. The back is equipped with waterproof foam pad, which is quiet, elastic and energy-saving. The overall feeling is fresh, clean and natural, and enjoys a noble and elegant atmosphere. Commercial space or home use is very suitable.

Bamboo-wood composite flooring is a composite product of bamboo and wood. Its panel and bottom plate are made of fine bamboo, and the core layer is mostly fir, eucalyptus and other wood. This material will be fragrant after being made into a floor. . Its production depends on sophisticated machinery and equipment, advanced science and technology and standardized production processes. After a series of nearly 40 complicated processes such as anti-corrosion, anti-corrosion, moisture-proof, high-pressure, high-temperature and gluing and rotary grinding, it can be made into a kind of production. New composite flooring.
Won the double green building materials (ecological health) mark
  • Ecology: Using natural materials, there is no shortage of doubts, reducing the performance of energy, resources and the impact on the Earth's environment.
  • Health: It does not cause harm to human health, and it has the performance of low formaldehyde and low volatile organic matter.
  • Customizable
feature of product
  1. The bamboo is cut flat, the string is cut, the texture is elegant, time, and classical.
  2. The overall expansion shrinkage is 0.26 %, and the structure is not deformed.
  3. Surface antibacterial (JAS Z 2801), abrasion resistant (Alumium oxide) coating.
  4. Solid bamboo flavor, uniform size, uniform color.
  5. The color combination is 2 types and 20 colors, and various colors are selected.
  6. Under the waterproof foam pad, quiet, flexible, energy-saving grip.
Product Usage
  1. Use at home, exhibition, and floor.
  2. Wall and stairs decoration.

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