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Natural Bamboo Hardwood Flooring

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Natural Bamboo Hardwood Flooring

Natural Bamboo Hardwood Flooring

Product Parameters

Product Name Natural Bamboo Hardwood Flooring
Item No. 12-2,BR-005
Supply Type Sell
Category Construction > Floor > Bamboo Parquet Flooring

Detailed Product Description

Rotary bamboo flooring-  Lilac
The BR series uses a rotary cut to reveal the beauty of natural bamboo lines, with natural and classic texture.
BR-005 Lilac color system, using low-concentration coating multi-layer coating still retains its bamboo grain road and hairline strips, with waterproof cushion on the back, which is quiet, elastic and energy-saving. Enjoy the natural and high-quality feeling of natural bamboo. The overall feeling is fresh and natural. Natural warm colors are suitable for home use.

In the East, purple has symbolized nobleness and auspiciousness since ancient times. In the "Lian Xian Chuan" written by Liu Xiang of the Han Dynasty, there is the saying "Ziqi Donglai"; after the Ming Dynasty, the location of the court was called "the Forbidden City", which is also an example. .

In the West, as early as in ancient Rome, purple was used to represent the emperor. There was no reason for it. At that time, the purple dye was difficult to produce, and the value even exceeded that of gold. Since then, purple has been painted directly with the royal family in the West. equal sign. In the Eastern Roman Empire, the name Porphyrogenitus (meaning born in purple, born in purple) is the only one that the current emperor could have after the children were enthroned; the 16th century is known as the Gloriana. Queen Elizabeth I also forbids court officials to wear purple at random, and only the courtiers who are close to her are qualified to wear purple clothes. Until now, Britain is still the crown of the monarch only, in order to use purple.

feature of product
  1. The bamboo is cut flat, the string is cut, the texture is elegant, time, and classical.
  2. The overall expansion shrinkage is 0.26 %, and the structure is not deformed.
  3. Surface antibacterial (JAS Z 2801), abrasion resistant (Alumium oxide) coating.
  4. Solid bamboo flavor, uniform size, uniform color.
  5. The color combination is 2 types and 20 colors, and various colors are selected.
  6. Under the waterproof foam pad, quiet, flexible, energy-saving grip.
Won the double green building materials (ecological health) mark
  • Ecology: Using natural materials, there is no shortage of doubts, reducing the performance of energy, resources and the impact on the Earth's environment.
  • Health: It does not cause harm to human health, and it has the performance of low formaldehyde and low volatile organic matter.
  • Customizable
Product Usage
  1. Use at home, exhibition, and floor.
  2. Wall and stairs decoration.
Various colors and lines are interchangeable

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