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Edge Welded Bellow

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Edge Welded Bellow

Edge Welded Bellow

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Product Name Edge Welded Bellow
Item No. 2-4
Supply Type Sell
Category Industrial Supplies Hardware > Mechanical Parts > Metal Bellows

Detailed Product Description

1. Edge-Welded Bellows Definition:

Edge-welded bellows is the most flexible element connected with vacuum flanges or end fittings of any kind steel material at both ends. It consists of a number of mould thin metal plates or diaphragm discs, which are welded together at their inner or outer diameter / plate edge in pairs.

Edge-welded bellows has high specific expansion compensation, up to 80% of the overall length, and a very low spring rate.

2.1 Edge-Welded Bellows Function Requirements:
A Wide Varity of Movement
High Circle Life of Reciprocating Motion/Traverse
Stable Spring Constant
Insulation and the most tightness

2.2 Edge-Welded Bellows Characteristics:
Vacuum Tightness
Very High Flexibility
Very Low Stiffness
Temperature Resistant
Corrosion Resistant
Ageing Resistant

3. Edge-Welded Bellows Manufacturing Procedure:

Edge-Welded Bellows needs to be assembled with each convolution in sequence, and weld forming. So far GTAW, PAW, and LBW are the main welding techniques. Edge-welded bellows requires high manufacturing techniques,   production reliability, time controlling.

4. Edge-Welded Bellows Examination:
Simulation Analysis
Welding Seam Macro Examination
Fatigue Cycle Test
K-Value Measurement
Helium Leakage Test
Pressure Test

5.1  Edge-Welded Bellows Application Sectors:
Edge-welded bellows provide the most flexibility in the smallest amount of space. It can be used in a wide variety of industries:
Vacuum Technology
Medical Technology
Oil Machinery
Oil Cooled High Voltage Switchgear
Special Valve
Special Sealing

5.2 Edge-Welded Bellows Application Examples:

6. Edge-Welded Bellows Material Characteristics:

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