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Humidity Chamber

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Humidity Chamber

Humidity Chamber

Product Parameters

Product Name Humidity Chamber
Item No. 10-1
Supply Type Sell
Category Industrial Supplies Hardware > Machinery > Temperature Humidity Chamber

Detailed Product Description

-Temperature and humidity control: balance humidity thermostat mode
-Dehumidification system: freezing latent heat dehumidification method
-Circulation system: fan circulation convection
-Evaporative, mining large windows, easy to clean, stainless steel heated steam humidifier, easy to clean, gradual water way to avoid the accumulation of dirt, maintain humidity stability.
-Heating system: stainless steel heat heater
-Insulation material: Rock wool and rigid PU foam insulation
-Observation window: High brightness 18WPL-PHILIPS, electronic ballast, five vacuum tempered glass
-Standard equipment: Stainless steel adjustable shelf board*2, cumulative timer-cannot return formula
-Test hole-Ø35mm, 60mm/each, movable wheel-PU material with break
-Control indicator*1, water tank*1, non-woven wet bulb*1
-Optional equipment: Logger








Internal dimensions (W×D×H cm)

40 x 40 x 50 

50 x 50 x 60 

60 x 50 x 70

70 x 50 x 120


100 x 100 x 80

External dimensions  (W×D×H cm)

96 x 68 x 80 

100 x 78 x 90 

74 x 101 x 127

81 x 72 x 172

132 x144 x 178

145 x 162 x 176

Temperature range

□ 0~100℃ □ -10~100℃ □ -40~100℃

Humidity range  


Temperature Accuracy


Humidity Accuracy  


Internal and external material

Stainless Steel SUS#304

Safety device

Leakage circuit breakers and overload protection - Japanese compressor overload protection, thermal protection device of humidifier - liquid expansion temperature limit protection device - liquid expansion aluminum rails Fuse - control power, air motor, water pump compressor delayed start, the emergency power unit

Freezing system

Cooled refrigeration system, imported environmentally friendly refrigerant compressor, aluminum fin evaporator, aluminum fin condenser, easily removable front cooling system cooling, easy to clean

Power supply  







Temperature and humidity control

Choose how you want to follow the required temperature and humidity control, such as a single point of control, or microcomputer programmable microprocessor PID automatic calculation of temperature and humidity control, English switch, LCD touch-screen, 800-segment program, each time can be setting 0 to 99 hours, 59 minutes, 999 cycles. SP can display a graph, you can connect the computer to monitor programming, with RS-232 Interface

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