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HID Work Light

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HID Work Light

HID Work Light

Product Parameters

Product Name HID Work Light
Item No. BH-6206HID
Supply Type Sell
Category Electronic,Electrical > Lighting,Lamp > Work Light

Detailed Product Description

Light Source: Xenon

Product Description:
The HID work light is designed to increase machine and operator productivity in high hour, around-the clock or extended night operations. The light has a wide beam pattern that allows you to mount one on each corner of your machine and light up the area nearly 360 degrees around you. They can be mounted on any vehicle and is best for lighting up wide areas. The clear patterned lens prevents light loss due to scattering, as well as light reflection outside the work zone.

Product Feature:
Lens: Virtually indestructible clear glass.
Reflector: Advanced die cast aluminum with electro deposition and vacuum plating.
Focused by an advanced aluminum compound curve reflector for peak intensity.
Housing: High impact Nylon with glass fiber.
Frame: Reinforced Nylon with glass fiber.
Bulb style: H3 12V 35W Xenon
Packed with a 35W HID bulb that’s 300% brighter than old-school 55W halogen bulbs.
Color temperature: 4300K
Internally mounted ballast
Beam pattern: Spot
Dimensions: 161*110*121 (mm)
Multi directional stainless steel mounting system.
Pack individually
Durable, powerful, and perfect for industrial applications.
Packing: 10pcs/1.5', Net/Gross weight: 8/10 kg
Made in Taiwan

Truck, trailer, Boat, ship, yacht, personal watercraft (PWC).
Superlee specialized in manufacturing and developing Auto parts and accessories. Superlee's work lights also give a unique, head-turning look to the overall appearance of your vehicle. As for the quality, every set of Superlee lights undergoes rigorous quality control testing before it leaves the manufacturing facility. Please contact us if you have any questions.

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