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AVAC Intelligent Automatic Turntable

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AVAC Intelligent Automatic Turntable

AVAC Intelligent Automatic Turntable

Product Parameters

Product Name AVAC Intelligent Automatic Turntable
Item No. AT-500
Supply Type Sell
Category Home Supplies > Furniture > Dining Table Chair

Detailed Product Description

● The host can make good use of the remote. The rotatable plate of table does not move while the host and the guests not yet arrival. When host and guests are ready for the meal, tapping the remote, driving the plate being rotated. 
● If there are some special dish for special visitant or the elder, push the stop button when the dish is in front of him or her, and said ”Please enjoy the meal.”  
● When the visitant need to leave for a while, 《click the controller》 the plate stop rotating. What a courtesy and respectful behavior it is , that no matter what kinds of conferences will be successful. Convenience
● It takes 100 seconds to turn a cycle, this speed is suitable for dining. 
● Put your hand on the rotatable plate of table easily, so that the plate will stop rotated. When you leave your hand the plate will be rotating again.  
● Although it still rotating automatically let your hand to turn it back in any time. This invention allows the operation by manual mode, whether you are turning right, left, or stop.  
It is not only suitable for use on Chinese roundtable, but also suitable for use on any type of table, such as square table, long table, etc. This invention does not need any tools to install and does not damage the surface of table and easy to remove. Without complex wires and heavy accessories which will influence the atmosphere of the dining. 
● The controller of the product is drive by rechargeable battery, which can be used continuously in 38 hours. There are 3 LEDs on the controller, which show remaining battery percentage. The controller has a wireless receiver and a connector, the connector is for out of battery or charging. If you want to operate it for the long time, you can use adapter wire directly, without the rechargeable battery , through the connector to connect with AC power source.  
● There is ON/OFF switch on the controller, when the waiter or waitress service up first meal, pushing the ON switch, and the rotatable plate of table being rotated. Not only rotating the meals but also initiate an honorable and leisurely  meal time.

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