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Natto Herbal Fermented Liquid

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Natto Herbal Fermented Liquid

Natto Herbal Fermented Liquid

Product Parameters

Product Name Natto Herbal Fermented Liquid
Item No. Enzyme
Supply Type Sell
Category Health,Beauty > Enzyme,Ferment Preparation

Detailed Product Description

Pineapple、Corn、Sweet potato、Orange、Guava、Tomato、Lemon、Papaya、Passion fruit、Watermelon、Mango、Cauliflower、Leaf mustard、Broccoli、Pumpkin、Gynura、Mulberry、Potato、Sweet pea、Round pepper、Soybean、Star fruit、Lettuce、Grape、Lime、Logan、Apple、Radish、Chinese cabbage、Mountain yam、Lappa、Coconut、Chinese kale、Taro、Yam bean、Water spinach、Chinese brocolli、Kumquat、Needle mushroom、Sugar cane、Red bean、Celery、Carrot、Mushroom、Mulberry leaf、Lychee、Strawberry、Plum、Perilla、Sponge cucumber、Spinach、Cucumber、Cashew、Grape fruit、Avocado、Mung bean、Lotus root、Pea、Pea sprout、Turnip、Ginger、Aloe Vera、Wheatgrass、Japanese hornwort、hawthorn、Cassava、Indian jujube、Prune、Watercress、Kiwifruit、Kelp、Ashitaba、Loquat、Pine nut、Rape seed、Herbage、Black fungus、Ginkgo biloba fruit 、Matrimony、Matrimony leaf、Monasous purpureus、Oriental sesame、Bitter gourd、Eggplant、Clover、Banana、Peach、Natto、Pear、Amaranth、Fig、Seaweed、Water chestnut、Yacon、Kidney bean、Konjac jelly、Lotus seed、Sugar apple、Blueberry、Asparagus、Sugar apple、Cherry 
Technical Description 
Monasous purpureus is fermented by Monascaceae Natto extract is fermented by steam boiled soybean. Suitable Targets 
1. Elderly 
2. Greasy food lover 
3. People must attend various social events 
Drink once to twice daily, 20 ml per serve. Drink directly from the bottle or dilute with 5 to 8 times of cold/warm water before drinking, keep the water temperature under 45℃ to maintain the beneficial activity. Better taste when cool, best effect when drink with an empty stomach. 
May contain sediments due to natural fruit and vegetable fermentation, will not affect the product qualify. Product Characteristic 
As the advancement of medical standard, the world senior population has also increases rapidly, thrombus related diseases is one of the most life threatening diseases often observed in the mid-aged and elderly group; therefore the prevention of cardiovascular and cerebral vascular diseases of the mid-aged and elderly group has become a serious social issue.   Use complex natto extract, Monasous purpureus, L-Arginine, Ginkgo biloba fruit, and various fruit and vegetable as ingredients, made by unique complex microorganism technology, this liquid essence is pure in every drop, regulate physiological function, help with in vivo circulation, and maintain full energy.

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