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Antrodia Cinnamomea herbal fermented Liquid

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Antrodia Cinnamomea herbal fermented Liquid

Antrodia Cinnamomea herbal fermented Liquid

Product Parameters

Product Name Antrodia Cinnamomea herbal fermented Liquid
Item No. Enzyme
Supply Type Sell
Category Health,Beauty > Enzyme,Ferment Preparation

Detailed Product Description

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Technical Description 
Antrodia cinnamomea herbal fermented Liquid is produced by scientific selection of hundreds of natural fruits and vegetables, plus the valuable and rare Antrodia cinnamomea as raw ingredient, with exclusive advanced complex microbial fermentation technology, fermented for 540 days to ripe, this nutrient liquid essence includes natural flavodoxine, superoxide dismutase (SOD), polysaccharide and triterpenoids. It is the new, pure vegetarian liquid nutrient supplement with greater function to balance the physiological needs. 
Suitable Targets 
1. People with busy, high pressure lifestyle. 
2. Fatigable, low-spirited, low physical strength people 
3. People with high internal heat or often stay up late. 
4. Excessive drinker. 
Drink 1 to 3 times daily, 30 ml per serve. Drink directly from the bottle or dilute with 5 to 8 times of cold/warm water (please keep the water temperature under 45℃ to maintain the beneficial activity). Best taste when cold, effective when drink on an empty stomach. 
May contain sediments due to natural fermentation, will not affect the product qualify. 
Product Characteristic 
Due to the modern lifestyle and irregular dieting, modern people find it difficult to adapt and adjust to changes. For the health purpose, Biozyme biotechnology has specifically developed the Antrodia cinnamomea herbal fermented Liquid. Made of Antrodia cinnamomea, herbal plants, various fruits and vegetables, used advanced microorganism fermentation technology to maintain its nutrients and active ingredients. Therefore can balance the body’s physiological needs, nourish and strengthen the physical power and ensure longevity. 

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