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Brown Rice Fermented Liquid

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Brown Rice Fermented Liquid

Brown Rice Fermented Liquid

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Product Name Brown Rice Fermented Liquid
Item No. Enzyme
Supply Type Sell
Category Health,Beauty > Enzyme,Ferment Preparation

Detailed Product Description

Natural fruits and vegetables (Brown rice、Pineapple、Sweet potato、Orange、Lemon、Tomato、Corn、Guava、Melon、Pumpkin、Passion fruit、Cauliflower、Apple、Lime、Grape、Star fruit、Leaf mustard、Soybean、Mulberry、Round pepper、Watermelon、Papaya、Radish、Potato、Lettuce、Broccoli、Longan、Mango、Gynura、Plum、Carrot、Chinese cabbage、Strawberry、Coconut、Mung bean、Red bean、Pea、Cucumber、Turnip、Lappa、Yam、Sugar cane、Lotus root、Taro、Celery、Chinese yam、Mulberry leaf、Cabbage、Water spinach、Chinese kale、Bean sprouts、Perilla、Lychee、Grape fruit、Kumquat、Sponge cucumber、Mushroom、Ginger、Aloe vera、Spinach、Avocado、Needle mushroom、Cashew、Persimmon、Fig、Pear、Loquat、Peach、Wax apple、Yacon、Prune、Cherry) 
Technical Description 
Brown Rice Fermented Liquid is mainly made from brown rice germ, bran, and 72 different kinds of natural fruits and vegetables, fermented by advanced Microorganism Symbiosis Ferment Technology to formed this liquid nutrient supplement for optimal absorption.  
Suitable Targets 
1.People wish to improve immunity 
2.People with unbalanced diet 
Drink 1 to 3 times daily, 20-30 ml per serve. Dilute with 5 to 8 folds of cold/warm water before drinking, best tasted when iced cold. Attention This product is natural small-molecule nutrients, effective for regulated physiological function, different result will be observed in each individual. If the result is stronger than expectation, we recommended to stop taking this product for a few days before back to the usual dosage.  
Product Characteristic 
Vitamin B, for metabolic improvement and full energy.

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