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Single Phase Power Transformer

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Single Phase Power Transformer

Single Phase Power Transformer

Product Parameters

Product Name Single Phase Power Transformer
Item No. Single Phase Transformer
Supply Type Sell
Category Industrial Supplies Hardware > Electrical Equipment > Single Phase Transformer

Detailed Product Description

  1. The oil temperature and thermometer temperature should be in normal level while the oil level should correspond to that of temperature without oil leakage.
  2. The oil level on bushing should be in normal range. There are no damages on the surface of bushing, no heavy oil pollution, no discharge trails and other anomalies.
  3. Check whether the sound of transformer is normal.
  4. The feeling temperature of each cooler should be similar while fans and oil pumps work well.
  5. The oil flowing relays should operate smoothly.
It mainly apply to three phase current power system as power or lighting supply. It especially applies to transforming the distribution circuit on both sides of the road. Residential districts, streets, large scale sites, high-rise buildings, industrial and mining enterprises, temporary facilities, etc.

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