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Transformer Switchgear

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Transformer Switchgear

Transformer Switchgear

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Product Name Transformer Switchgear
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Category Industrial Supplies Hardware > Electrical Equipment > Switch Gear

Detailed Product Description

  1. They are connected serially with high voltage parallel capacitor group to depress a wave deformation in the system.
  2. The prefabricated substation box generally adopts high quality composed steel plate after surface antisepsis and spraying treatment, or use colored steel composite board, aluminum board stainless steel plate with heat insulating materials  in the middle. In addition, non-metal shell of glass fiber reinforced special type of cement board can also be selected.
  3. Heat dissipation of power transformer adopts the combination of natural ventilation and forced ventilation at the same time. High pressure chamber, medium pressure chamber and low pressure room can respectively adopt air conditioning and anti-condensation device to control temperature and moisture.
  4. Each function room and passage are equipped with illuminative lights which is convenient for operation and observation.

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