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Cast Resin Transformers

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Cast Resin Transformers

Cast Resin Transformers

Product Parameters

Product Name Cast Resin Transformers
Item No. SC(B)9 SC(B)10
Supply Type Sell
Category Industrial Supplies Hardware > Electrical Equipment > Three Phase Transformer

Detailed Product Description

  1. Low losses, low noise, maintenance free, and easy installation.
  2. Good isolation performance.
  3. The transformer iron core adopts high permeability with high quality cold-rolled silicon steel sheet, which combines with special design, so that the running noise is far below the national standard.
  4. The transformer can still work very well under the moistest atmosphere.
  5. With good heat resistance & radiation, strong mechanical strength & thermal-shock resistance, good overload capacity, long thermal life, well toughness and flexibility, it is good resistance to crack.
  6. Due to the high heat resistance of the isolation system, it is available to reduce the cooling space of transformer.
  7. Compared to the same capacity, the transformer  with lower grade isolation, the design structure can be more compact, and the weight will be reduced accordingly.

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