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Dry Transformers

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Dry Transformers

Dry Transformers

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Product Name Dry Transformers
Item No. SC(B)9 SC(B)10
Supply Type Sell
Category Industrial Supplies Hardware > Electrical Equipment > Dry Type Transformer

Detailed Product Description

Product Introduction: cold-rolled silicon steel sheet of high quality is applied in the manufacturing process of the transformer's iron core. While for the surface of the iron core, it is sealed with insulating resin paint in order to help it to withstand humidity and rust. When it comes to the conductor material of the coil, F class insulating copper wire is fully made use of, which enables it to be highly resistant to impact, temperature variation and crack. Besides, all components of glass fiber and epoxy resin are self-extinguishing, under which circumstance, it won’t burn continuously or bring about any poisonous gases that pollute the environment. What’s more, epoxy resin is well-insulated, which makes it an appropriate material for the coil of high-voltage level.

With advantages of damp proof, anti-damp and hot, flame-retardant and self-extinguish.

Overload capability:
Overload capability of the transformer is relative to factors like the structure, ambient temperature, initial load and so on.

1 The technical data is one part of the whole because of shorting of place to present.
2 Detailed Technical data and outline drawing are provided upon request.

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