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Electric Fencing Energizer

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Electric Fencing Energizer

Electric Fencing Energizer

Product Parameters

Product Name Electric Fencing Energizer
Item No. LX-2008B2W
Supply Type Sell
Category Agriculture > Garden Tool > Electric Fence Energizer

Detailed Product Description

The product description
2.1 product design basis
GB/T7946-2008 "the pulse electronic fence and its installation and safe operation of the"

2.2 product features
Low has remote cloth/removal function.
Low signal output function.
Low alarm record, cloth/removal of query functions.
Low short circuit, break line, tamper alarm function.
LED display protection mode, alarm status and other information.
Low output voltage difference technology, every line has a voltage.
2.3 product technical parameters
Power supply: DC12V 2 a
Using the environment temperature: - 40 ~ + 55 ℃, humidity: 95% or less

Output parameters:
Low output voltage peak: 8 kv ~ 14 kv (continuous adjustable)
Low peak pulse current: < 10 a
Low pulse duration: 0.1 s or less
Low pulse interval time: 1 s
When a single pulse output power: largest acuities were 2.5 mC
When a single pulse output energy: largest acuities were 5.0 J
Low system power consumption: 10 w or less

wireless pulse electronic fence host LX - 2008 b2w terminal and related function is introduced.
Each terminal or switch function: (pictured above)
Red terminal: wireless host has a set of high voltage circuit, terminal as a group, all the way, two red line to ground voltage is equal.
High voltage grounding: black terminals for front high voltage output earthing terminal, grounding resistance of 10 or less Ω.
Warning: DC12V alarm voltage signal output interface, and USES 4 air needle head (stitch pictured above), connected to the load or less 12 w alarm equipment.
Switch: the host power switch.
Power supply: the port of cable for the fence host DC12V / 2 a.
2.6 the function of remote control
Radio host after shutdown, short answer Alarm 3 #, 4 # pin (sub) available remote antenna, open the host power supply and disconnect nipple Alarm3 #, 4 # pin, press the remote control lock icon or lock icon (can hear the sound of the "click" within the host), restart the host power supply and the remote learning finish learning (available at most two remote control).The remote control the diagram below:

To reliable remote control, it is suggested that take out the antenna of the remote control, press the button time acuity 1.5 s, through the remote control can within the scope of 30 m or so empty of electronic fence host machine for cloth.

"Lock icon" protection: the host receives the protection after the command, the output will be a 1 seconds alarm signal, and prompt the operator has successfully protection.

"Lock icon": machine host receives the removal after the command, the output will be two times 1 seconds alarm signal, and prompt the operator has abandoned.

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