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Electric Fencing Energiser

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Electric Fencing Energiser

Electric Fencing Energiser

Product Parameters

Product Name Electric Fencing Energiser
Item No. LX-2008C6D
Supply Type Sell
Category Agriculture > Garden Tool > Electric Fence Energizer

Detailed Product Description

Product characteristic:
● Differential voltage output technology: every wire has voltage, have the differential voltage between the two adjacent wires.
● LCD or LED indicate the working state and the voltage on every wire of fence.
● High/low voltage switch manually, long-distance equipment auto switch function.
● Short circuit, break and tamper alarm, Self-inspection System for equipment fault
● Waterproof casing and downward appearance design leading the industry development.
● RS 485 bus control, keypad, computer, network and multiple long distance management solution.
● DC12V, NC/NO dry contact alarm output, can work with other modern security products.

Electrical characteristics
Power supply: AC180V-240V   50Hz
System power consumption:  10 Watt
Operating environment   Temperature: -40 to +50℃     
Relative humidity: ≤95%

Output parameter:
● Output peak voltage: 5KV~10KV  
● Output low voltage: 700~1000V
● Peak current of pulse: <10A
● Pulse duration: ≤0.1s
● Pulse interval time: 1s
● Max quantity of electricity of pulse: 2.5mC
● Max energy of pulse: ≤5.0J

1.4 Package details
Demension: 410×320×220 (mm)
Net Weight: 4.2kg  (Without battery)
Color: Blue
Packaging Details: Carton package

1.5  LED indicated lamp condition instructions:
● AC 220V or DC12V,when power supply input,the green LED is bright.
● when armed,the yellow indicated lamp is bright. When disarmed,it shows off.
● when alarm break,the red indicated lamp is bright.
● when alarm short circuit,the red indicated lamp is bright
● when open cover, the red indicated lamp of tamper is bright.

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