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Dental Implant Center

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Dental Implant Center

Dental Implant Center

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Product Name Dental Implant Center
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Standard Dental Implant Procedure:
All sterilized instruments and aseptic environment are prepared in the operating room.
Anesthetic solution is administered at the implant site.
The intraoral aseptic technique is applied and around patient’s mouth.
Sterile drapes are used to cover patient with mouth exposure before initiating surgical procedure.
The bone is exposed and assessed after incision and soft tissue flap.
Initial drilling in the alveolar ridge is done with evaluation on width and height of the bone for implant size. The drilling process is carried further for the necessary diameter and depth.
An appropriate implant size is selected and placed at prepared implant site.
Bone graft may be needed for osteoconduction if the bone structure is insufficient.
Closing with suture.
Wait for seven to ten days for stiches removal.
Wait for another three to six months till crown fabrication
Clinical chief officer Dr. Sara Pan at Magic Dental Clinic will place a coat of propolis ointment over the wound to enhance healing and give specific and detailed instruction on post-operative care for the wound.
Low level laser therapy is provided as part of the post-operative care for bone growth and healing at our clinic.

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