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Immediate Dental Implant

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Immediate Dental Implant

Immediate Dental Implant

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Product Name Immediate Dental Implant
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A dental implant has been designed precisely using biocompatible material to create an object which resembles the shape root. It is then placed into the alveolar bone with a period of waiting time for osteointegration. Once the solid connection between the bone and dental implant is established, the crown is fabricated followed by cementation. Information, equipment, and environment are on constant progress for improvement hence the higher demand for technique and skill. At Magic Dental Clinic, Dr. Sara Pan has worked non-stop in learning the innovated technique and skill. Self-esteem will not be the only thing you regain after the treatment. You will have functional teeth like the natural dentition, normal occlusion, health, joy of life, and most importantly the taste of food.

A room is specifically designed for dental surgery; surgical room is covered with sterilized sheet to create a sterilized field before the surgery. Painless minimally invasive dental implant surgery is our specialty. Dr. Pan is constantly invited to give speech at dental conference as a professional speaker for her innovated technique.

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