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Ceramic Dental Implants

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Ceramic Dental Implants

Ceramic Dental Implants

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Product Name Ceramic Dental Implants
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There is something you absolutely need to be aware of! Missing teeth plays a major role in your health. Clinic chief officer Dr. Sara Pan at Magic Dental Clinic would like to remind everyone the catastrophic side effects of neglected missing teeth. The most common encountered situation is adjacent teeth collapsed into the miss teeth area and the opposed tooth is elongated (supraerruption). An insufficient occlusal space and malocclusion eventually emerge from this butterfly effect. Spaces created by the missing teeth accumulate bacteria and food debris easily. Gingivitis and periodontitis will most likely to take place when oral hygiene is maintained properly and thoroughly.
Long term missing teeth will lead to bone resoprtion and facial asymmetry. Moreover, when an opportunity presents itself and it slip through your finger because your reluctance to smile. In the end you will realize, dentition is the one to blame.

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