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Dental Benefits

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Dental Benefits

Dental Benefits

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Product Name Dental Benefits
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1● It is a common method to sacrifice the adjacent tooth for fabrication of a prosthetic tooth at the missing area. Unlike traditional method, dental implant salvages the adjacent tooth and prosthetic tooth is placed at the missing tooth area.
2● Dental implant does not have the hassle of removing denture from the mouth and cleaning daily. The most troublesome part is weakness upon mastication.
3● The biting force provides by the dental implant is very close to natural tooth.
4● Dental implant has the tendency to maintain the bone height and prevent further resoprtion.
5● Missing teeth take a toll on the structure of your mouth, eroding facial support. A full mouth denture supported by implant brings youthful appearance by providing proper facial esthetics and tooth position for a smile that is harmonious with the patient's face.
6● Phonation is clearer in comparison with slurred speech from a patient wearing removal denture.
7● Patient will have better diet and healthier digestive system.
Dental implant surgery will boost your confidence and make you feel great. Dentition is restored with full function just like the natural teeth; you will have much more self-esteem. It is easier to enjoy life and food. Patients with long term missing teeth will appear a lot younger after occlusal restoration and their weight can be controlled. The perfect smile is miraculously created like a magic with Dr. Pan’s impeccable clinical technique.

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