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Dental Implant Surgery

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Dental Implant Surgery

Dental Implant Surgery

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Nasopharyngeal cancer patients receiving chemotherapy usually suffer from salivary gland atrophy which leads to carious teeth on the root surface. There are a lot of dentists hesitant on performing implant surgery for those patients due to the possibility of necrotic tooth socket after radiation treatment. Not only the bone loss of tooth socket creates instability for implant but it leads to a high failure rate in long term as well. Chief Clinical Officer Dr. Sara Pan has successfully restored fully functional and esthetic teeth for numerous patients with similar condition by performing water laser for minimal invasive implant surgery along with low level laser treatment as part of the treatment aids.

Advantage for Implant
1● Occlusal function can be restored with implant which is incomparable by a complete removable denture.
2● Continuous bone resoprtion is reduced.
3● restore a single or multiple missing teeth, the adjacent healthy teeth will need to be reduced for a dental bridge. These healthy teeth are salvaged.
4● The permanent approach no longer requires the tedious steps in removing the denture from and placing it in the mouth.
5● When the circumstance allows, the implant is as natural as the real teeth without the unpleasant metal portion of removal partial denture exposure.
6● The discomfort to accommodate removal denture in the mouth and loading is eliminated.

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