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New Dental Implants

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New Dental Implants

New Dental Implants

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“What is Implant?” is one of the most common questions asked by patient during consultation with Dr. Pan.
Dental Implant is an artificial root which mimics the shape of the real tooth. It is made of biocompatible material (titanium) with the cylindrical or cone shape and placed into the alveolar ridge during surgical procedure. After three to six months once the osteointegration completes, the fabrication and placement of crown will take place.
Dental implant is not the real tooth;it is something needs to be emphasized; it closely mimics the function and morphology of natural tooth. Nonetheless, a dental implant is not developed from a tooth bud as the natural one does.
Dr. Sara Pan, clinical chief office at Magic Dental Clinic, has countless successful implant cases owing to her corrective usage and thorough understanding of the high standard equipment and excellent aids. She frequently receives invitation to speak at national and international dental conferences for her innovative approach, painless water laser dental implant surgery. The procedure takes five to ten minutes which is suture free with minimum pain and swollen. Dr. Pan guards it as a major task with great responsibility to innovate different approaches for her patients.

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