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Surgical Dental Implant

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Surgical Dental Implant

Surgical Dental Implant

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Product Name Surgical Dental Implant
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Many of us are not aware of dental health and its direct relation with missing teeth which is a common situation in Taiwan. The missing teeth will not only affect our diet habit but also adds more stress to our digestive system. Eventually it will take a toll on our general health.
The missing teeth increase difficulty in chewing and the normal function of digestive system as well.
Moreover, the adjacent teeth will collapse into the missing tooth space, a place easy for food debris to cumulate, which in turn creates carious teeth. Public understand the importance of dental implant to solve the missing teeth situation
Water laser uses YSGG laser wavelength and proprietary water/air spray that makes incision on soft tissue and removal of hard tissue.
This particular water laser is the exact method Dr. Sara Pan uses during her surgery. The small incision with minimal amount of bleeding increases the surgical success rate. In other words, the minimal invasive dental implant surgery only takes five to ten minutes without stiches and eliminates the swollen and agonizing post-operative pain, not to mention it is one of Dr. Pan’s many expertise.

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