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Cosmetic Dental Implants

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Cosmetic Dental Implants

Cosmetic Dental Implants

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Implant technique has dramatically changed with continuous evolving of the technology and innovation.
Due to inadequate equipment, the old timers used to rely on a small radiograph in obtaining critical information for dental implant surgery such as bone density, location of the major nerves, and sinus. The anesthesia technique was conducted manually with a syringe. The speed and the force of injection usually cause discomfort for patient.
Moreover, the sterile environment and equipment during the surgical procedure were difficult to achieve. The more invasive approach which an incision in H shaped was cut into the gingiva followed by a flap. A drill was used to place a hole for the implant placement; the flap was sutured to its original position afterward. It was common to experience pain and swollen at the implant site two to three days postoperatively.
The clinical chief officer Dr. Sara Pan of Magic dental clinic exemplifies how experience and technology play major roles in dental implant surgery. A three dimension CAT scan is ordered for patient to have a thorough evaluation on patient’s alveolar bone. The detailed information help to determine the necessity for sinus lift and bone graft procedure, furthermore the correct width and depth for the implant placement to avoid unnecessary risk.
Anesthetic solution is usually delivered through a syringe; the electronic syringe can control the injection speed which reduces the discomfort significantly during the process. Yet, a more innovating anesthetic method has presented itself, target control infusion. The nervous or tensed patients will sleep through the surgery and by the time they wake up everything is done.
There is a room specifically set up for surgical procedure with sterilized equipment and environment prepared before guiding the patient in. The water laser for minimally invasive implant surgery is performed to sterilize the soft tissue around bone and increase implant success rate. The small incision reduces bleed and omits suture which reduces post op pain and swollen.
Information, equipment, clinic atmosphere, and technology in dentistry are on a constant update and improvement. The result is the higher demand from the patient. Dr. Sara Pan has not stop in improving and evolving herself for more integrating, and innovating technique for best treatment plan. Perfection and avoidance of unnecessary pain are the two things she desires for her patients.

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