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Meat Massage Tumbler

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Meat Massage Tumbler

Meat Massage Tumbler

Product Parameters

Product Name Meat Massage Tumbler
Item No. MT3000
Supply Type Sell
Category Food,Beverages > Food,Beverage Processing Equipment > Meat Tumbler

Detailed Product Description

Technical Data

MT3000 is a big model and contain large drum capacity which allow user to load about 1200 to 1500L working capacity each batch. MT3000 contain below feature for variety product and using environment:
* Variety tumbling speed adjustable
* 20 programs and IP65 water proof control panel
* oil change indicate, motor overload warning
* Reverse unload function
* jog function
* Rest, vacuum tumbling, total time adjustable
* All built in rugged stainless steel construction
* simple operation and easy maintenance
* Moisture water seperator
* consistency productivity yield batch to batch
* marinate liquid sauce vacuum sucking system is now standard for MT1000 and up
* other voltage available
* Buggy dumper can optional for MT1000 and up
* Cooler system can be optional

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