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Twisted Yarns

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Twisted Yarns

Twisted Yarns

Product Parameters

Product Name Twisted Yarns
Item No. 2
Supply Type Sell
Category Textiles,Leather > Textile,Raw Material > Twisted Yarn

Detailed Product Description

Numbe: 2
Specification: Polyester Spun Yarn and cotton yarn
Denier: NE 10's/1 ~ Ne 60's/1

The applications can apply to Jeans, House decoration, Industrial, Leisure garment.
1. We provide bright and semi-bright yarn in different types of count, such as 12s/2 16s/2 16s/3 20s/2 20s/3 20s/4 20s/6(1×6)(2×3) 20s/9(1×9)(3×3) 28s/2 30s/2 30s/3 40s/2 40s/3 as well as polyester sewing thread 12s/3
2. Single Yarn includes 12s/1 16s/1 20s/1 30s/1 32s/1 40s/1 60s/1

Specifications of polyester yarn:
1)  Material: 100% polyester yarn
2)  Type : virgin , close virgin and recycled
3)  Technical :Ring Spun Yarn, Open End Yarn (OE Yarn)
4)  Model : Single ,Raw White
5)  Count : from 10s to 60s
6)  Quality : The yarns have high strengh, good twist and evenness,less
            knots and small cv%.

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