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Medical Support Stockings

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Medical Support Stockings

Medical Support Stockings

Product Parameters

Product Name Medical Support Stockings
Item No. MCS:8
Supply Type Sell
Category Apparel,Fashion > Hosiery > Maternity Compression Stockings

Detailed Product Description

- Fabric containing cotton, featuring light and soft texture, wonderful breathability, and extreme durability.
- Graceful curve and retractile expansion;
- Indispensable products for much-standing, sedentary people Medical elastic stockings specialize in: treating varicose veins (floating tendon)/ache/swelling/bowlegs, losing weight, and beatifying legs; Suitable for anyone, especially teachers, hairdressers, medical personnel, saleswomen, flight attendants, pregnant women, shopkeepers, much-standing or sitting people.
- Transparent and shapely, good elasticity, strong pressure; the stockings of highest grade, one-time wearing makes you praise;
- Sculpture leg shape, beautify leg curve; convenient to wear;
- Cure varicose veins, bowlegs, thrombus, and after-surgery swelling
- Material: 75% Nylon 25% Lycra
- Fine material for single thigh leg.
- Excellent graduated compression supports.
- Reinforces the weaving of toe and heel.
- Class1(20-30mmHg): helps relieve moderate leg swelling, moderate to severe varicosities or edema, post-sclerotherapy.
- Class2(30-40mmHg): treat phlebitis, venous thrombosis and for saphenous vein exfoliated post-surgery or deep vein thrombosis patients.
- Class3(40-50mmHg): for lower extremity swelling, ulceration, scleroderma and irreversible lymphedema patients.

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