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Battery Nebulizers

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Battery Nebulizers

Battery Nebulizers

Product Parameters

Product Name Battery Nebulizers
Item No. Ultrasonic Nebulizer-1
Supply Type Sell
Category Home Appliances > Humidifier,Dehumidifier > Ultrasonic Nebulizer

Detailed Product Description

Principal of the device is mesh technoloy
Comparison between Mesh and Ultrasonic Nebulizer
 Mesh  NebulizerUltrasonic NebulizerJet Nebulizer
PrincipleMesh nebulizers vibrate a small mesh membrane at very high speeds and as liquid medication is forced through tiny holes in the mesh, an aerosol is produced.The ultrasonic nebulizer use electrical currents to energize the liquid medication at a molecular level. With enough stimulation, these ultrasonic forces will cause the liquid to form a vapor or mist.A jet nebulizer uses the compressed air to form droplets that are pushed in a jet motion out of the device, similar to an aerosol. 
AdvantagesFastest, Most Effective
Lightweight ,Compact
Adapt to most medicine
Save medication
Spend less time
Low cost
Easy to use
Cleaned frequently Not all types of medication can be used
Drug inactivation
Bulky and tend to make more noise
Spend more time
require an electrical source

Comparison between Mesh and Ultrasonic Nebulizer
 Mesh NebulizerUltrasonic Nebulizer
PrincipleThis operating principle uses an aperture plate attached to a piezoelectric material that vibrate at high frequency. The rapid vibration .Alternatively, the solution can be forced through to create the aerosol.
The ultrasonic nebulizer converts electrical energy to high frequency ultrasonic waves.
The transducer vibrates at the frequency of the ultrasonic waves applied to it (piezoelectric
effect). Ultrasonic waves are transmitted to the surface of the solution to create an aerosol.
Advantage&DisadvantageThese devices are able to generate aerosols with a high fine-particle fraction, which
results in more efficient drug delivery compared to conventional nebulizers. The aerosol is generated as a fine mist, and no internal baffling system is required. They have a high rate of aerosol production and they are portable and battery-operated.
A potential issue with the use of ultrasonic nebulizer is possibility for the drug inactivation by the ultrasonic waves. Use of these devices has been hampered by their tendency for mechanical   malfunction.

Model NumberPY-001
Power Supply1.5VX 2, AA Size Alkaline battery
Power Consumption< 2W
Activecurrent consumption <650 mA
Standby current consumption<0.35mA
Battery lifeContinue operation:
1 hour (min)for brand new 1.5V X
2,AA, Alkaline battery or Ni-MH rechargeable Batteries (option).
Low battery indication<2.0V, red light
Weak battery indication2.0V ~2.2V, orange light
Full battery indication>2.2V, green light
Operation environment10~40°C, 30%~80% RH
Storage/ Transportation environment-20~70°C, ≦85% RH
Nebulization rate0.2mL/min,~1.0mL/min(Max)
Particle size <5um
Time AUTO-OFF Power on, operate 20 min. Then auto-off
Nebulizer auto-offNo medication
Medication bottle volume2~8mL (Max.)
Ultrasonic Oscillation Frequency103 KHZ~123 KHZ ± 1K
Reusable parts lifeMedical cup, mask, mouthpiece: one year According as reliability test result-One time per day  
The specifications may be changed without prior notice. * The product has certified to meet the Harmonized Standard EN60601-1(ProductSafety) and EN60601-1-2 (Electromagnetic Compatibility) * The grounding mechanism

1. Remove batteries if the unit is not in use for long periods. Failure to do so could result in damage due to battery leakage.
2. Discard the waste batteries according to local law.
3. Open the medical cup cover and pour the medicine into the medical  cup and close the cover completely.
4. Install mask or mouthpiece properly and start using the appliance.

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