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Grow Organic Fertilizer

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Grow Organic Fertilizer

Grow Organic Fertilizer

Product Parameters

Product Name Grow Organic Fertilizer
Supply Type Sell
Category Agriculture > Fertilizer > BioFertilizer

Detailed Product Description

  • Prevention of pests and diseases including any insect, fungus, bacteria, and virus 
  • Elimination of pests and diseases including any insect, fungus, bacteria, and virus
  • Crop growth
  • Seed treatment 


Uno-1+ Molecule Localization
3 in 1 Natural Plant Activity Enzyme® is not just a fertilizer or a pesticide. In addition, it is more powerful, precise, and efficient than any fertilizers or pesticides currently on the market.
  1. Active ingredients, Plant Activity Enzymes: ATPase, β-glucosidase, α-glucosidase etc. help to strengthen the effective ingredient Gproteins and stimulate cytochemical reactions.
  2. Active ingredients, G-proteins: glycoprotein, mucilage, dehydrogenase, etc. help to strengthen plant histochemistry.  

Uno-1+ Cytochemical Reaction
“Plant Activity Enzymes” enhances the reaction “Effective Formula Gprotein”, which can promote the generation of the vital energy of plant cells, promote the cell membranes synthesis, promote the signal transduction of nutrition transformation, promote metabolism regulation, promote development and differentiation, repair damaged cells, regulation plant hormones for efficient use, promote Phytoalexin generation to induce plant defense response, combine α-glucosidase and β-glucosidase to hydrolyze the cell membranes of fungi, bacteria, viruses, and the endocrine glands of pests for quickly stopping infection, combine dehydrogenase etc. to induce auxins and kinase etc activity for producing biochemical reactions which prevent harmful processes in plants caused by abnormal weather conditions, eradicate rotation obstacles, and prevent pests and diseases from returning. 

Uno-1+ Plant Histochemistry
“Effective Formula G-protein” stimulates guidance molecules and vernier molecules in cell membranes and cell walls. They carry out comprehensive molecular bonding in tracheas and sieve tubes to induce highly active LEA genes and CBF genes. These form pathogen- and pest- resistant specific endoglycosidase which eradicates Glc genes which cause resistance to pesticides in pests and a large amount of nutritional residue in plant cells such as serin, sulfur-containing amino acids and H+ released by the germination of spores during infection. They also stimulate 9-glycopeptides which build powerful factor molecules that quickly eliminate pests and plant diseases. 

Uno-1+ Biochemistry 
Uno-1+ is a structure of multifunctional active enzymes, including the enzymes in roots, leaves, flowers, stems and fruit; it is involved in all plant cell growth. As every chain of molecules in Uno-1+ has 15003500 light-sensitive molecules and 2000-3700 catalyst molecules, the supply of nutrients to plants is not dependent on photosynthesis. New cells quickly develop by division and differentiation within seconds, each cell consisting of 98.7% nutritional factor molecules. 

Uno-1+ Advanced Nutrition and Plant Metabolism
Uno-1+ taken in by plants is converted into complete nutrients via biochemical pathways. These nutrients satisfy the needs of the plant in all phases of development, i.e. seedling, general growth, blooming and fruiting. It accelerates blooming and budding, prevents fruit dropping, splitting, rotting and increases the sweetness of fruit and the synthesis of aroma. It lengthens the life of cut flowers due to antiethylene, maintains the brightness of flowers, prevents roots rotting, sterilizes the soil and balances the pH value. It increases resistance to drought, cold and heat. Prevents dormancy due to plants having adequate nutrients, accelerates absorption, conversion and movement (25 cm/min) of nutrients. Helps metabolism, cell division and differentiation and favourably adjusts harvest periods. It increases the value of fruit and reduces the rate of damaged fruit to the lowest level. It eliminates poisonous compounds in plant cells and increases the value of nutrients utilized by human cells to 98.7% in all agricultural produce that Uno-1+ is applied to.

  1. Plant Regulator: Please keep maintenance ordinarily: 500-1000 fold dilution; one time every 5~10 days. 
  2. Seed Treatment: seed soaking with 500 fold dilution overnight.  

SGS Ultra Trace Industrial Safety Hygiene Test Report
The sample is tested 368 pesticides. This sample is non-detected in 368 pesticides listed in the appendix 

ICRR (Indonesia Center for Rice Research) 
Crop - Paddy 
  1. yield increase 38.9% - 69.1% 
  2. seed soaking increases roots by > 50% 
  3. seed soaking increases tillering rates 
  4. reduction in NPK by 50% 

IPB (Bogor Institute of Agriculture) 
  • Crop - Corn / Maize 1) Test against Downey Mildew disease  -Treated infection rate 1.5%-5.9% vs Control 24.4%  2) Test for Yield Increase - Treated plot yield increase 3% and 39% vs Control 
  • Soybean 
No./Crop PerformanceAgrisoy+Uno-1Farmer's Practices
1 Number of pods per plant 33 16
2 Plot based Yield (ton/ha) 3.52 2.63
3 Riel yield (ton/ha) 2.32 1.57

Myanmar Ministry of Agriculture 
Crop – Paddy
Yield increase 26% (Treated 4.37/acre vs Control 3.47/acre) 

Keywords: Bio Fertilizer  Grow Organic Fertilizer   

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