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Polyurethane Floor Coating

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Polyurethane Floor Coating

Polyurethane Floor Coating

Product Parameters

Product Name Polyurethane Floor Coating
Item No. polyurethane floor (2)
Supply Type Sell
Category Chemical > Coating > Polyurethane Floor Coatings

Detailed Product Description

PU high resilience flooring  
Item No. NV%AppearanceViscosity 25 cpsSpecific gravity 25g/ccDescription
HIRF-11100Red/green70001.1Top layer , Polyether polyol prepolyment, include pigment & addictive
HIRF-13100Red/green60001.1Inner layer , Polyether polyol prepolyment, include pigment & addictive
SL-490100Slighty yellow55001.2Hardener, Polyisocyanate prepolymer

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