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Artificial Indoor Plants

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Artificial Indoor Plants

Artificial Indoor Plants

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Product Name Artificial Indoor Plants
Item No. PF-18
Supply Type Sell
Category Gifts,Crafts > Artificial Craft > Potted Flower

Detailed Product Description

Creative Art Flowers
1.Specialty of technique (Trace back to old Chinese Tang dynasty)
2.Fabrics—A game of changes of multi colors
3.Manual only. The spirit and posture of each flower is unique in the world, so it is pricey. Creative art flowers—made of this kind of manual technique and fabrics—can sustain over 10 years. It will be found in the way of work studio, not a manufacturer of our scale.
4.Manufacture—Simulation of ( Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter in Nature)
Vitality of spring, Thriving of summer, Falling of autumn, Withering of winter has its beauty in spirit. Natural scenery says our life—Life of Circle (born-old-sick-dead)
5.We have an exhibition in Taipei Trade Center, April 23—26, Booth # D215.
Sincere invitation—welcome your visit.

Here are our works for your reference—spring, summer, autumn:
Spring—The land revives.
Autumn—Brown falling leaves

Potted Plants  Describe thriving of summer
Potted Plants  Describe color of brown autumn.


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