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Animal Feed Flavors

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Animal Feed Flavors

Animal Feed Flavors

Product Parameters

Product Name Animal Feed Flavors
Item No. U100
Supply Type Sell
Category Chemical > Fodder Additive

Detailed Product Description

U100 is a functional product combined with regulator of digest and physiology, taste synergist and traditional sweeteners.U100 achieves the perfect combination of the animal taste perception and physical control, and improves animal feed intake and feed efficiency. Comparing with the tradition of sweetener, U100 has more prominent and more economic results.

Effect comparing with the traditional sweetener:
● The traditional sweetener:
large-scale use of substances to stimulate the perception of animal sweet taste buds to improve the palatability and increase the feed intake.
● U100:
1. Increases the taste perception effect of the animal taste buds, and help animal change to feed initiatively from feed attractant.
2. While enhancing the animal feed intake, improves the physiological function of digestion and absorption, and it is not like that the traditional sweetener increase the intake only. U100 not only improves the utilization rate, but also improves the feed conversion more effectively.

Characteristic and effect
● Improves the perceived effects of sweetness in the taste buds, and is not like that the traditional sweetener increase the sweetness only.
● Increases the animal feed intake, at the same time improves the digestion and absorption capacity, promotes the growth, and improves the FCR.
● Improves the palatability of the unconventionality feed.
● Applies to the low taste buds animal in control the feed intake.

● Application: piglets, growing pig, broiler
● Dosage: Pig: 200 g / T, broiler: 150 g / T
● Appearance: smooth white powder
● Main composition: saccharin zinc, sweetener, physiological regulator, synergist, carrier etc...
● Packaging: 20 kg / bag

U100 Animal Feed Flavors Application Effect
The field test showed that the effect of U100: can improve the palatability of the feed effectively, increase pig feed intake and daily gain, lower ratio of feed and meat.
● U100 effect on the weaned piglets (≥ 15 kg) performance

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