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Air purifier

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Air purifier

Air purifier

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Product Name Air purifier
Item No. Air Purifier--CRO
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Detailed Product Description

l  Unique molecular sieve structure control technology, extended air purifying life. l  UV light: Ultraviolet radiation kill bacteria, virus, fungus, spore, chlamydia l  Photocatalyst: oxygenolysis organic compound and inorganic compound, l  very strong sterilization, deodorization, mildew proof, air purifying feacture l  Anion: efficiently active oxygen molecule in the air, prevent air-conditioner disease, l  strengthen the body’s metabolism and the vitality of the cerebral cortex l  Far IR: Improve body circulation, l  HEPA: Isolate dust particles, completely kill virus, mould, airborne bacterial l  Active carbon: High adsorption purification l  Pre-mesh: filter mass particles like dust, hair etc l  Air quality indication: Air quality sensor can detect and show current air level  

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